Chloe Litteral Solos

Chloe Litteral is a 2020 FMA Solo finalist from Lake Charles, Louisiana. We are so happy and proud of her. She is already a very valuable member of the FMA network.

“After completing King’s School Aviation Course online on 9/15/2020, I took the FAA exam on 9/25/2020 and passed. Much of my course prep was during the months of August and September. Difficulty in course prep came when both Hurricane Laura and Delta hit our hometown. The sound of our generator running to provide electricity for our home was unbearable at times but I pushed through the abnormalities knowing it would not be forever. I started flight instruction immediately after taking my exam. After 10 hours of flight training on October 7, I soloed flying a Piper Archer 181. I have logged a total of 21 flight hours so far. I look forward to completing my check ride by the end of the year.”

“I just returned to school this week (November 5, 2020) due to COVID and 2 hurricanes causing delays. No football or marching competitions has put a damper on band this year especially since it is my senior year. I am so looking for to some normal in my life. The best thing about all of this is that my happy place is being on the cockpit with my hands on the yoke flying with blue skies.”

About Chloe Litteral

” I found out about the organization while surfing the web. I thought how cool is it to find two of my passions combined into one organization. I am a junior at Sam Houston High School. I love playing my piano. The faster the tempo of the song the more I like it. Playing the piano is smoothing and relaxing to me. It helps me unwind from the stresses of being a teenager. I enjoy playing the piano for my friends, family, and at recitals. When I entered high school in 9th grade, I became part of the band percussion section and was assigned to play the xylophone. I love performing in our school band, called the Sam Houston High School Pride and Spirit Band. I love taking my band music and learning to play it both on the xylophone and piano. I love preforming at football games, competitions, and marching in the parades.  

    My experience with aviation can be described as a ride I never want to end. Ever since I was little, I have always dreamed about becoming an astronaut. I would tell my mom when I was little “go to the moon, Momma, I’m going to the moon.” Currently, I am a cadet, Technical Sergeant Rank, in Civil Air Patrol (CAP) where I lead the Bravo Flight. I have been a member since March 2019. My first CAP orientation flight was a ride I will never forget. The feeling of take-off in the cockpit was amazing. I immediately had a smile and a comforting feeling that I had found my purpose in life. Seeing Earth, feeling the air, and being at the controls was the best feeling I had ever felt. Having this experience solidified my desire for flying. My exposure to aviation continues to grow through my participation in CAP. As a CAP Cadet, I was just awarded the opportunity at a national level to attend the Robert Ayres National Flight Academy in Hagerstown, MD in July 2020 as a flight candidate. This academy provides private pilot certificate (PPC) instruction, FAA Exam testing, and flight training through SOLO. Upon returning home, I will complete the remaining portion of my flight training at Southland Airport (UXL) by September 2020 to obtain my PPC. In my quest for space travel, I am charting my career path through the Air Force as a pilot flying a V-22 Osprey. I plan to participate in ROTC Air Force while obtaining a degree in Aeronautical Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics and Physics. I look forward to learning more about my membership in FMA and its activities. Who knows maybe one day I can combined my passions of music, space travel, and flying into one adventure.”