Writer/musician and FMA member James Wynbrandt received the National Business Aviation Association’s 2021 Gold Wing Award for Journalism Excellence for his article “Flying in the Age of COVID-19,” which appeared in Business Jet Traveler magazine. This was his second consecutive Gold Wing Award. 

On the music front, Wynbrandt, who flies a Mooney M20K 252, is recording new songs written during the lockdown, and specialty label Omnivore Records recently released “The Miamis — Lost Band of the CBGB Era (1974-1979),” documenting songs and performances of his popular New York group of the time. 

In addition to Wynbrandt’s aviation writing, the Third Edition of his “A Brief History of Saudi Arabia” (Facts On File) was published this year.

editors note: James has performed with fellow FMs at various airshows around the country including Sun n’ Fun in Florida and AirVenture in Wisconsin.

Wynbrandt Wins Gold
Elizabeth Dornak, Chair of the NBAA Board of Directors with James Wynbrandt

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