World Helicopter Day & FMA

Pilots & Musicians – Join us to celebrate World Helicopter Day on August 16, 2020 at the Stewart International Airport (KSWF).

Join fellow FMs and friends for a day at the airport. FMA’s participation is coordinated by our Northeast ambassador, Greg Knowles with Sal Lagonia , Aaron Diehl, Vinny Raniolo, Jeff Auen, Lee Ross, and other pilot/musicians. “FMA members or interested parties are welcome to our first FMA northeastern event to be held at Stewart International Airport (KSWF) in conjunction with World Helicopter Day and the celebration of Independent Helicopters moving into their new building… It’s coming up quick (Aug 16th) 10 am – 2 pm but we have the stage set and I will be jamming with Roger Astudillo, Sal Lagonia, Greg Knowles and others . . . join us if you can!” – Lee Ross

And others…


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