On November 5th, 2020 yet another FMA Solo finalist soloed. “Out at Rochester International Airport (KRST) today I did my first solo – I flew around the pattern in many different configurations. Was beautiful. 65 degrees, wind 290 at about 3 and not much other traffic. I did some right patterns, left patterns, touch and goes, stop and goes, etc. loved every second of it. Next up? Cross country!”

Brad’s flight instructor, Brent Carlsen, instructs at Great planes aviation and he flew a Piper Archer 3.

As for materials, I am using an iPad mini with a fancy swivel case. I use the mini because of the cramped nature of the Archer cockpit. It also is good because I am a small person and it is the perfect size for me. I paired it with an apple pencil and if I am honest, it is the perfect setup. My headset is a trusty dusty pair of David Clarks. My uncle (who has his PPL) gifted them to me as a graduation present. I was almost hesitant to accept them because I know that headsets are not cheap. I did upon his request, and sure enough, as all David Clark sets do, they work amazing. As for Foreflight, I have the 200 dollar subscription because that is what is needed for our college courses. The features are quite amazing.