My Journey to Flight vol. 1

This 3 part story journals Autumn Pepper Rhodes’ , student member, quest to flying. When I was younger, I was a girly-girl. I liked playing with My Little Pony and dressing up like the Disney Princesses. Around the age of 8, these interests slowly faded. The gifted program introduced more interesting topics like engineering and science, and it was great exploring these new avenues. Around this time, I developed an interest in owls. I thought they were so majestic, and I envied their ability to fly. That concept of flight was so interesting to me. I started collecting owl pictures, figurines, bags, and shirts – all with different types of… Read More

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2021 FMA Solo Nominees

We are so fortunate to have received thirty-three nominations from North America, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. It was stressed to all that pilots use checklist to ensure accuracy and completeness. In order to succeed, they too will learn to use a checklist. Checklist is similar to sight reading music in that you must first look over the piece become familiar with the basics structure and the nuances that pertain to you. There are cases where you do not have time to consult a checklist. For these instances you must have the basics memorized. The breakdown of nominees is as follows: 25 – sr, 8 – jr, 12 – f, 21… Read More

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Will Adcox Solos

Will Solos

Soloing an aircraft is one of the greatest achievements, remembered forever, by a pilot. FMA student member, Will Adcox, soloed on December 4, 2020. Below is his account of this momentous event. On December 4, 2020, I had just gotten out of school and was going to what I thought would be a normal flight lesson. After I pre-flighted the plane, my instructor took me inside the flight school and had me fill out a form for my first solo. Before I knew it, I finished two touch-and goes with my flight instructor and he was telling me that he would step out of the plane and that I would… Read More

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