Jennifer Solos

Pharmacist Fills Flight Prescription

Jennifer Miller came one step further to her lifelong dream of becoming a pilot on November 6, 2020 by flying a Light Sport aircraft as its sole occupant. Miller, originally from Texas, has been receiving flight training for nearly five months at AvSport LLC, the sport flying school on the Piper Memorial Airport. “Jennifer has immersed herself in her studies,” says Prof. H. Paul Shuch, her flight instructor and the founder of AvSport. “She has become an active member of several aviation organizations, including the Flying Musicians Association, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and the 99s, the international association of woman pilots. Through those memberships, Jennifer has been learning from others, even when not flying. She is a disciplined student, well on her way to becoming an accomplished aviatrix.”

Jennifer adds “I am very new to the aviation community so my contributions, for now, can be of very basic support of events in my area. As I become more familiar with the group and it’s areas of need, I will be happy to help where I can.  As far as my musical talents, I sing as a soprano 1 with a local civic chorus, and can plunk things out on a piano. My high school career, oh so many years ago, was full of band and choir; I enjoy singing with groups and have a decent ear.  I’m pretty shy about solo performances so have limited them. 

My career as a retail pharmacist over the past 26 years has taken me far from music. I missed it, so started taking voice lessons with my daughter’s private teacher then joined the Williamsport Civic Chorus a few years ago. They meet once a week during the school year, and that seems to satisfy my need to make a little noise. We had a very exciting year in 2019 as we travelled to Ireland for a performance tour last July. 

I am very excited with the prospect of learning how to fly, then being able to go to so many of the events nationwide listed on your calendar more easily.  My class session was to start at the end of June, but it will likely be pushed back to accommodate the spring students who have been delayed.”

“Thank you, FMA, for the new student gifts! After completing my first and second solo this past week, I’m so excited to keep going toward my sport then private license, and eventually meet up with you all to make some lovely noise: